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     Hi. I'm Mike Hughes, just a friendly guy who likes to shoot almost anyone or anything (with a camera).
     I have been a free-lance photographer and have recently retired, but may take on some individual assignments unofficially.

     I got my start in photography around 1970 taking pictures on film and slides with a Sears brand SLR. I learned to develop them by loading the film into a canister by feel inside of a black lightproof bag and working with the chemicals needed in the bathroom sink. My first try successfully developed the film's backing paper (not the actual film,  OOPS!!). Later, I started printing my black and white prints in a roughly built darkroom in my basement.

     Years later, I did manage to convert to the newfangled digital cameras without a lot of trouble and my office computer became my darkroom - much less messy! Of course, professional equipment and the computer software was/is expensive. I decided to invest and take the plunge into the business much later than I should have. But now as a grampa, I don't feel as rushed and can work to constantly improve in the different aspects of photography.
      Photography has been a valued part of my life although it 'had to 'sit on the shelf' at various times due to more pressing matters. In 2006, I took  professional photography schooling, and I've since had experience taking events, portraits for kids, high school senior pictures, families, reunions, and various other projects, mainly weddings - which I no longer will accept.

You can contact me if you need a photographer.

Phone: 815.622.4541   Email: mike@mikehughesphoto.com

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